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Fortify Your Neck Muscles For A Summer Without Stiffness

As summer kicks in around us, our desire to engage in outdoor activities and embrace warmer weather brings us out of our hibernation.

Yet, for a lot of you, this resurgence of activity is stopped by the nagging presence of neck pain and stiffness.

At Tomsic Physical Therapy, we understand that neck discomfort shouldn’t limit your enjoyment of summer.

Whether you’re getting back into cycling, walking, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, managing your neck health is crucial.

The best way to do this is by strengthening those neck muscles so that you’re able to take on these activities without worry.

Understanding Neck Pain and Stiffness

Neck pain can arise from various daily activities that may seem harmless but can actually have a lasting impact.

Prolonged periods spent looking at computer screens or poor sleeping postures can lead to a stiff neck.

The work environment, too, plays a significant role, especially with many adjusting to long hours of remote work, which often leads to improper seating arrangements.

Tips to Strengthen Neck Muscles, Prevent Injury and Alleviate Neck Pain

Incorporating simple changes and exercises into your daily routine can significantly improve neck health and prevent discomfort.

Here are five tips that focus on strengthening your neck muscles and ensuring a pain-free summer:

1. Regular Stretching

Incorporate neck stretches such as shoulder rolls, neck tilts, and chin tucks into your daily routine.

These gentle movements can improve blood flow and muscle function, reducing stiffness.

For instance, performing shoulder rolls by lifting your shoulders towards your ears and gently rolling them back can alleviate tension and enhance mobility.

Take a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages this month for more detailed steps on these light stretches!

2. Adjust Your Activity Setup

Whether you’re biking or spending long hours at your desk, ensuring that your setup promotes good posture is crucial.

Adjust your monitor to eye level and keep your back straight to reduce the strain on your neck.

When cycling, adjust your handlebars and seat to maintain a posture that supports your neck and back.

3. Mitigating Text Neck

The modern ailment known as “text neck,” caused by looking down at your phone or device for prolonged periods, can be detrimental to your neck muscles.

To combat this, make a conscious effort to keep your devices at eye level to avoid bending your neck.

Regular breaks and setting up reminders to adjust your posture can also help.

4. Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening exercises that target the neck and upper back can enhance support for your spine.

Simple routines like scapular squeezes, where you pull your shoulder blades together, can fortify the muscles around your neck and upper spine, providing better stability and lessening the chances of pain.

5. Mindful Movements

Be mindful of sudden movements during your summer activities.

Quick turns of the head while swimming or looking back during a bike ride can strain neck muscles.

Practice turning your entire body instead of just your neck to distribute the force more evenly across your body.

Embrace the Warmth without the Pain

Don’t let neck stiffness dampen your summer fun.

By understanding the causes of neck pain and implementing these practical tips, you can enjoy a more active, pain-free season.

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