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If you’ve been suffering from shoulder pain, you’ve probably tried many things to make yourself feel better. Common methods of relief that you might have attempted are stretching, going to the gym for some strengthening, or maybe you’ve even done some yoga or massage. All of these things can help with the discomfort in your shoulder somewhat, but they really haven’t made the symptoms go away

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The shoulder is a very complex structure, and it’s important to remember that the muscles of the shoulder hang from the neck. This means that shoulder pain does often have a component from the neck, and shoulder pain can also refer down into the shoulder blade area, as well as down to the arm. 

Given the complexity of that area, if you go to someone and they just hand you a series of exercises, or you find generic stretches online and try those, it’s probably not going to help. What you need is an individualized assessment of what your specific limitations and weaknesses are.

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At Tomsic Physical Therapy, we can offer just that. We can give you a better diagnosis of the structures that might be feeding into your shoulder. This diagnosis could be one of a range of different issues such as osteoarthritis, impingement, frozen shoulder, a rotator cuff tear, or maybe something from the neck is causing pain down into the shoulder. At your assessment, we get to the root issue to understand how we can most effectively treat your condition.

Realizing that shoulder pain is limiting you from reaching overhead, lifting objects, or participating in your fitness activities is the first step. Get in touch with Tomsic Physical Therapy, where we can do a thorough specialized assessment to assess your specific needs and take the next step towards pain relief.

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