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Who Is Ellen Tomsic, Doctor Of Physical Therapy?

The owner of Tomsic Physical Therapy, Ellen Tomsic. has been working in the field of physical therapy for over 34 years and is as committed to your health and well-being and excited to help you overcome your pain as she was those 34 years ago.

Ellen has always been interested in movement science and grew up in Southern California as an active person, quickly becoming an athlete. She attended UC Davis in Northern California for her undergraduate studies. There, she was an NCAA collegiate gymnast for four years. That solidified her interest in movement science. Ellen decided at that time that she wanted to be a physical therapist because she loved the science in the field and wanted to help people overcome pain and injury.

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Ellen Tomsic traveled to Philadelphia for her physical therapy education, which was an eye-opening experience for her as a Southern California girl in an East Coast city. She enjoyed her time completing her Master’s in Physical Therapy at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, but after two years there, she returned to California and continued her career through the VA system in Southern California.

After traveling Miami for a while, she ended found herself back in California, in San Francisco where she enrolled in advanced training and did an orthopedic clinical residency and manual therapy fellowship. There, she also became a master clinician.

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At that point in her life, Ellen met her husband and decided to settle in Durango, moving to the area in 2000. In 2004, she opened her own practice, Tomsic Physical Therapy, located in the Rivergate building for the past 20 years. Ellen is honored to have treated the community for the last two decades and is very happy and excited to continue to do so for decades to come.

Outside of her profession, Ellen enjoys living in Durango for the outdoor activities it offers. In the summer she hikes with her husband and two dogs (Sadie and Sprocket) and rides both her road and mountain bike as much as possible. In the winter, Ellen enjoys snowboarding and skiing. Ellen is also a big enthusiast of dog agility and herding, and her dog Sadie holds a national title in dog agility.

As an active person, Ellen understands injuries and setbacks, having her fair share of injuries over her life. The worst one she had was a cervical or neck injury, which was a herniated disc paired with severe arm pain. With targeted therapy, she was able to get through that injury without injections, without the need for surgery, and able to get back to her active lifestyle, doing everything she needed to do without any limitations.  

That’s what physical therapy can do for you.

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