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Get Relief From Foot & Ankle Pain In Durango, Colorado

Are you suffering from foot or ankle pain? This is a very complex region and there are multiple areas from which your pain may be coming from. There’s also the possibility that you have weakness in your lower back, core, or hip that is feeding into your foot and ankle pain.

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This pain usually limits your ability to run, walk, squat, play with the grandkids and participate in most of the sports you want. You don’t want to spend your life limping around, held back by foot or ankle pain, and missing out on key moments and events. What is really needed is a specialized evaluation for your specific situation.

Ankle sprains are a common injury, usually occurring when the foot is forcefully inverted or turned inward. Degenerative changes in the tendons in this area can also result in pain in the foot and ankle, with things such as prolonged walking, overtraining, or walking hills causing this condition.

Inflammation of the fascia (plantar fasciitis) on the bottom of the foot is the most common cause of heel pain. Causes could include poor flexibility of the calf muscles, no arch support, a sudden increase in one’s level of activity, poor footwear, being overweight, excessive pronation, or repetitive stress conditions (long-distance running).

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If you’re suffering from foot and ankle pain, realize that what’s wrong with you is completely different than your neighbor or your brother-in-law, even though you may have the same diagnosis. What we need to do is see you in the clinic for a specialized evaluation tailored to you from your lower back all the way down to your ankle.

This way, we can find out where your movement patterns are limited, and where you’ve lost range of motion and strength, so that we can put together a specialized program just for you. If you’ve just been handed a set of generic foot and ankle exercises, they are not specific to you and your condition, and probably won’t help you to achieve the relief that you deserve.

Come into the Tomsic Physical Therapy clinic, get a specialized program, and we’ll help you get back to where you need to be.

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