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If you’ve been suffering from knee pain, as many others have before, you’ve probably tried lots of things to help yourself. Some of the methods of pain relief that you might have already tried are stretching the knee, strengthening the muscles in and around the knee, light exercises such as yoga, or even just rest. Many people believe that the solution is to ignore the pain and instead treat it with hope, waking up every day hoping it is going to be better.

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Unfortunately, most of those methods don’t consider the whole story of what’s going on with your knee. It’s important to realize that even though you might have the same diagnosis as your next-door neighbor, your friend, or your brother-in -law, your knee pain is unique to you and needs a specialized evaluation to know exactly where your specific limitations are.  

The one thing that’s really important to understand is that the knee is stuck between the hip and the ankle. This means that when treating the knee, it’s vital to observe these surrounding areas too, as whatever is happening at the hip or the ankle also affects the knee.

When we evaluate you at your knee pain appointment, we evaluate from the lower back all the way down to the ankle. Oftentimes, when we’re treating a knee, the reality is that we find 50% of the problem is located up in the hip or down in the ankle. Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation of the body as a whole unit, rather than just the knee, is essential in order to truly understand your pain and achieve lasting results and relief.

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We treat conditions such as osteoarthritis, which very common in our older population. We also treat post-op surgeries, such as ACLs and total knee replacements, and any other knee pain in between, including things like meniscal injuries, iliotibial band syndrome, and kneecap pain, which is known as patella femoral syndrome.  

If you’re suffering from knee pain, you need a specific specialized and individualized treatment program. Reach out to Tomsic Physical Therapy, give us a call, and arrange an appointment where we can assess you for your specific injury to get you back to what you need to do.

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