Volunteering At The Durango Double Run

I’ll be volunteering at the Durango Double Runs this weekend. Making it to the start line of these races is an accomplishment, as they are long enough to require significant preparation. If you have a pain that came up recently in your preparation, we at Rakita Tomsic Physical Therapy can help you make it to the start line feeling better; sometimes with simple treatment that can be continued at home, with certain exercises. Even during the race, you can continue feeling better without risk.

The Importance of Sitting Posture

I just finished a trip to Fort Collins for my nieces’ wedding, and I was reminded of how important sitting posture is for back pain prevention. Most of us must use support for the low back to maintain its arch while on a long trip. Keeping the knees lower than the hips facilitates maintaining the arch(lordosis). When I did, I had no pain, but without a lumbar roll my buttock, and then leg pain, started.

Need Physical Therapy? Don’t Delay!

It’s a beautiful fall day and you’re out on an awesome bike ride. Suddenly, there is this big rock and it
messes with you. You find yourself on the ground, and now your shoulder hurts. Or perhaps you are on a hike or a trial run, and that same rock shows up and you roll your ankle. These are the harsh realities we face in Durango! 🙂

In the world of Sports Medicine, we want to get you back to your activity as fast as possible. Did you know that you can come directly to physical therapy without needing to see a physician? We can evaluate your injury immediately and get you started on a rehabilitation program right away.

If we feel therapy is not appropriate for you at this time, or that you require further testing, such as x-rays, before starting therapy, we will assist you with getting to the right place to meet your needs.

Don’t delay your recovery by waiting to get started. Call the Board Certified Specialists at Rakita Tomsic
Physical Therapy, we’ll help you get back on track and back to the trails that we in the Four Corners love.

Are All Plantar Faciitis’ The Same?

Plantar fasciitis (bottom of the foot or heel pain)is always a very painful condition, and patients have a hard time figuring out how to ease their symptoms. They read something on the Web, or talk to their friend who suggests a technique or product that ‘cured’ them. They try it and it doesn’t work for them. This is because plantar fasciitis is a broad diagnostic term, and doesn’t address the underlying mechanical problem that causes the pain.

Not all plantar fasciitis’ are the same.

I currently have two patients, each with this diagnosis. Each has a completely different treatment program and both are improving. You need to consult with an advanced trained physical therapist to assess the underlying mechanics of the problem and create a treatment program tailored for you.

Graduate School – Second Semester

After a short break from school I am back in for my second semester. It was very refreshing to not get up at 5 a.am to study every day, but to sleep in to 6 a.m.! I spent a little bit of time in the garden, which has been left on it’s own all summer, and playing with my dogs, Sadie and Sprocket. They remembered me and really appreciated it.

This semester, my course work is focusing on Pharmacology, Leadership, Business Management, and Clinical Case Studies. I am looking forward to more in depth learning of these subjects to be a more effective physical therapist and business owner.

Graduate School-First Semester

Well, I survived my first semester of graduate school in my quest to earn my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. I (contrary to how I felt during the semester) earned straight A’s.

The first semester focused on reading, understanding and interpreting medical literature, and how to use this evidence to best treat our patients for the most effective and timely outcomes. This reinforces our mission of advanced clinical expertise in the field of physical therapy.

Durango Physical Therapist Passes Prestigious Specialist Re-Certification Exam

Dave Rakita, co-owner of Rakita Tomsic Physical Therapy and world-class competitive triathlete, passed the Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) certification examination for the third time.

The OCS certification program was established by the American Physical Therapy Association to provide formal recognition for physical therapists with advanced clinical knowledge, experience, and skills in a special area of practice and to assist consumers and the health care community in identifying these physical therapists.

This was Dave’s second re-certification. In 1993 Dave was one of the first, if not the first OCS credentialed physical therapists in Colorado.

“It was a very difficult test and I feel lucky to have passed again”, states Dave. “I truly enjoyed the preparation process which consisted of hours of studying current evidenced based orthopedic PT treatment methods, theory and techniques. Upon finishing the exam in March, I thought perhaps I had failed, so I was very relieved when I recently received the good news.”

Receptionist Needed

Full Time benefited position at Rakita Tomsic Physical Therapy. Medical related experience helpful. Send resume to info@rakitatomsicpt.com, fax to (970)259-0576, or drop off at 575 Rivergate Lane, Suite 97.

Returning to school after all these years


I have decided after 23 years of clinical practice to return to school. As with all professions, they evolve and sometimes attending weekend continuing education is not enough to keep up. The goal of the physical therapy profession is autonomous practice by 2020. What that means is all patients, regardless of insurance, can walk into a physical therapy office for treatment without needing to see their physician for a referral. Given that, a physical therapist needs skills in pharmacology, radiology, and differential diagnosis.

When Dave went to school he received a Bachelor’s degree in physical therapy. When I went to school I received a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. The therapists graduating now are receiving a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, in preparation for our changing profession.

So… Here I am, back in grad school to get my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.

School has changed quite a bit since I was last enrolled. ‘Distance learning’ is the key for us ‘busy professionals’. What that means is that you get all your assignments and do all your work over the internet, either really early in the morning before you come to the office, or in the evening after the work day is over. And if you are not technologically savvy, you better hope you have a spouse or good friend who is.

I am two weeks into this endeavor. So far I really like what I am learning and am not too far behind!  It will last one year and I finish at the same time my husband (a tax accountant) finishes his 2014 tax season. I think it’s time to start planning a really great vacation!


Ellen Studying



Team RakitaTomsic

We participated in and sponsored the Trails 2000 Twin Buttes “It’s a Real Butte” Festival on August 18, 2012.  In our new bike shirts, Ellen, Brad, Bobbi and Dave represented Team Rakita Tomsic in the Coed Mountain bike race.  All went well until the rains came around 2pm making the course muddy and unrideable. So unfortunately, Dave didn’t get to ride but he did complete the 10K run earlier in the day.  This fundraiser contributed to the great efforts of Trails 2000 and officially opened the 10+ miles of trails at the Twin Buttes Subdivision just west of town.

Ellen & Dave