Introduction of Jeffrey Yaskin, PT, MPT, MTC, CSCS

Jeffrey Yaskin - Physical Therapist in Durango CO at Tomsic Physical Therapy

We are thrilled to introduce our new member of the Tomsic PT family, Jeff Yaskin. He recently made the trek out to Durango from South Florida, and I had the chance to find out more about what brings him to the Four Corners region and what experiences he brings to our clinic.

Why did you choose moving to Durango?
My family and I decided to move to Durango, from south Florida, for the beautiful change in topography, cold weather, warm people and unique experiences this town offers. My wife has an aunt, uncle and cousins that live here and we have been vacationing here since 2008 so we were familiar with the area. We are looking forward to great adventures here and a wonderful place to raise our two young daughters.

What experiences do you bring to Tomsic Physical Therapy?
I have a strong manual therapy background having studied Mulligan, Ola Grimsby and, ultimately, passing certification in manual therapy under Dr. Stanley Paris at the University of St. Augustine. I have also been certified in the functional movement screen (FMS) and a certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS). These certifications have educated me as the optimal exercise prescription whether you are a physical therapy patient or an elite athlete.

What special strengths do you bring?
During my physical therapy career I was fortunate enough to work alongside a neurosurgeon who routinely referred cervical and lumbar fusion and artificial disc replacement patients to my clinic. I I have an affinity for working on surgical and non-surgical cervical and lumbar cases.

What is the FMS?
The FMS is for individuals who do not currently have musculoskeletal pain but will be scored solely on how they move. The screen is a great precursor for athletes about ready to start the sports season or an individual who is starting a new exercise program. Simply because you do not have pain does not equate to moving well. Moving well is a prerequisite to injury reduction, optimizing performance and helping
you achieve your goals. I received FMS certification in January 2011.

What is the CSCS?
Certification as a strength and conditioning coach stipulates that you have been educated to train a wide age spectrum of clients in multiple environments safely. The certification denotes education into training clients for endurance, strength training and plyometrics.

Energy systems of the body as well as diet and nutrition are emphasized as well throughout the learning process. In 2015 all NCAA division I strength and conditioning coaches were required to hold the CSCS designation. I received CSCS certification in December 2013.

What are your continuing education goals?
My goals for continuing education are to enhance my manual skills and to initiate coursework in board certification in orthopedics.

Where can you be found in Durango when you are not in the clinic?
Typically you will find me at a local park– lifting weights, sprinting or jumping. I also enjoy volunteering at athletic events around town or at my daughters elementary school.

We are all excited to have Jeff join our team so that we can continue to learn from each others specialties to help patients get better faster. With the addition of Jeff, we will also be starting Saturday morning clinic hours beginning on April 16th. Call us now to schedule an initial evaluation with Jeff, as his schedule is filling up quickly!