Staff Spotlight: Dr. Christine Richards, PT, OCS

We here at Tomsic PT have had the pleasure of having Dr. Christine Richards, PT, OCS join our team in July of 2020. She brings with her a lot of knowledge, skill, and passion for seeing people get better and achieve their goals! See below to learn a bit more about Christine and why she is a great asset to our clinic:

– How did you end up in Durango and where did you live previously?
My husband Tom and I were living and working in Telluride for the past three years. Before that we had spent many years working seasonally, going between Alaska in the summers and various ski towns in the winters. Though some of the most beautiful places in the country, resort towns always left something lacking, and we were looking for a year-round community that was (relatively) affordable but still had a vibrant outdoorsy element to it. We visited Durango a number of times while living in Telluride, and we knew we would make the move someday. A job opening at Tomsic PT was just the right catalyst to do it!

Christine with her husband, Tom, and dog, Choyu, on some formations in the backcountry in Utah

– What do you love about working in Durango/at Tomsic?
I love Durango’s location, with close proximity to both the mountains and the desert, and plenty of ways to get out into quiet, expansive nature without going far. I enjoy the people I’ve met so far and look forward to getting involved in a variety of community activities once it’s safe to do so again. As for Tomsic PT, I feel very fortunate to be a part of this team. I love the collaborative nature of the group, with every person playing a vital and defined role in the workings of the clinic, and every opinion and person valued. The focus on education and growth is also a huge draw for me; the opportunity to be a mentor to physical therapy students, while at the same time receiving mentoring from experts in our field, is invaluable and a lot of fun!

– What are your special interests in PT and how do you incorporate them into your clinical time at Tomsic?
One of my primary interests in PT is manual therapy. I have a background of 10 years as a massage therapist before becoming a PT, and I have always felt an affinity for working with my hands through therapeutic touch. Furthermore, manual therapy in combination with exercise is consistently supported in our professional literature as producing good outcomes for various conditions in orthopedic physical therapy, and I am interested above all in producing good outcomes for my patients! I am actively pursuing further education in this area and the clinical reasoning directed toward its most effective use, and I utilize these techniques in the clinic whenever appropriate. My other special interests include chronic pain and pain neuroscience, reducing fall risk in seniors, yoga, and mindfulness.

– What’s one fun fact about yourself that you’d like to share?
Ever since childhood, I have been a singer, and that was my first profession. Massage therapy was just supposed to be a day job while I was trying to “make it”, but I’m glad life took me in a different direction! These days (or at least in non-COVID times), my husband and I enjoy singing in community choirs and for other small events. We look forward to getting involved in the music scene in Durango when it is safe to do so.

Christine on a ridge in Denali National Park, Alaska

We are so happy to have you here, Christine!