Physical Therapy Bike Fit

For many of us, biking is a way of life in Durango. Whether it’s just for fun, for exercise, or for commuting, biking is enjoyed in many ways and on many kinds of bikes. As fun as biking can be, the unfortunate reality is that it can sometimes cause aches in pains in our body. Common complaints related to cycling can include pain of the neck, back, wrists, or knees. Many times, these aches and pains can be remedied by adjustments made to the positioning of your bike to accommodate your body. This type of assessment is something we offer here with the help of our own Dr. Josh MacNaughton, PT.

Josh has been certified to perform Physical Therapy Bike Fits, where he takes a holistic approach to making your bike fit to your body. The two hours that he spends with you includes these components of the in-depth assessment and fitting:

  • Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Assessment
  • Physical Therapy Assessment of any current problems
  • Custom Bike Fit and Measurements
  • Video Analysis (Before and After comparisons)
  • Home Interventions/Exercises for on and off the bike
Functional Movement Analysis in Durango CO | Tomsic Physical Therapy
Dr. Josh MacNaughton performing a functional movement assessment on local biking legend, Ned Overend
Functional Movement Analysis in Durango CO | Tomsic Physical Therapy
The squat is an integral part of the functional movement screen to assess your flexibility and strength off the bike
Bike Fit in Durango CO | Tomsic Physical Therapy
Making sure that our very own Dr. Ellen Tomsic has the best bike fit

Josh’s main goal is to analyze your individual movement patterns and identify any limitations in flexibility, weakness, and posture. He takes this information and transfers it to how you fit on your bike to make sure that you get the most comfort and efficiency while riding. Josh has experience with bike fitting for any level of rider: from amateur cyclists riding for fun to professional cyclists looking to make their competitive edge stronger while remaining injury-free. If you’re interested in a Physical Therapy Bike Fit, whether or not you are currently dealing with an injury, reach out to us today to learn more information about these in-depth assessments.