Introduction of Scott “Griz” Kelley

By: Dr. Laura Wenger, PT, OCS
Scott Kelley

We are so pleased to introduce a new provider at our clinic, Scott “Griz” Kelley, PTA. Scott has been a staple in the Durango community for many years now, and we are excited that he has joined our team. I was able to catch up with him to ask him a few more questions about his past experiences, goals, and what makes him tick.

How long have you been in Durango?
I have been in Durango since 1991. I first came to town to work at a local summer camp while I was in graduate school. After I graduated, I came back for one “final” summer and was hired as a full time administrator for the camp, and the rest is history.

Your past experiences are very interesting. What led you to becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant?
My decision to become a Physical Therapist Assistant has been influenced by many factors. I have been an EMT since 1994, a Wilderness EMT since 1999, and an instructor for NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute since 2000. This background in emergency medicine sparked my interest in the medical professions. In 1994 I began volunteering for the Adaptive Sports Association (ASA), Durango’s outdoor program for people with disabilities. In 2000 I was hired as Program Director for ASA, and continued to oversee summer and winter programs until 2006. ASA was my introduction to working with people with disabilities, and by extension, working with Physical and Occupational Therapists. Finally, I met and married the woman of my dreams, who has been an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years, and is now an instructor with the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico.

What types of continuing education opportunities to further your education are you hoping to pursue for the upcoming year?
In the upcoming year I am hoping to pursue continuing educational opportunities in manual therapy techniques. This is a large part of what makes Tomsic PT unique, and there is always more to learn regarding these physical therapy skills and techniques.

What is your nickname and how did you get it?
My nickname is “Griz”, as I used to resemble Dan Haggerty, the actor who played Grizzly Adams in the 70’s TV show about a grizzled mountain man who found hour-long adventures each week with his sidekick Ben the bear. The nickname was bestowed upon me at the summer camp I worked at in 1991 (everyone needs a nickname at camp), and it has stuck through the years. In fact, not even my wife calls me “Scott”.

When not in the clinic, where are you most likely to run into people around town?
When not in the clinic I am likely to be found on the river, on the mountain skiing, hiking with the dogs, or enjoying a great meal with my wife, Kelly Kelley, at one of Durango’s many fine restaurants. Or maybe at one of the 7 local breweries…

As a Physical Therapist Assistant, Scott works hand-in-hand with all of the other Physical Therapists at Tomsic PT to provide the best care possible. Please join us in welcoming Scott “Griz” to the clinic, and say hi when you are in next!