Congratulations to our own Laura Wenger for receiving her board certification of Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS)!

It has been a pleasure for all of us at Rakita Tomsic to work with our friend and colleague Laura Wenger for this past year. Everyone on our diverse team comes from different modality, education and training backgrounds, and Laura is no exception.

It has been a busy year for her as she has completed her residency training in preparation to sit for her ABPTS Orthopaedics Specialist (also known as Orthopedics Specialist) certification examination last spring in Santa Fe. In the field of physical therapy, specialization was created to formally recognize advanced clinical knowledge, skills, and experience.

To be eligible to sit for this specialist examination, one is usually required to have three years of experience, with at least 2,000 hours spent in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy. Laura fast-tracked this process by completing an American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)-accredited post-professional clinical residency with a focus on Orthopaedics. She was able to complete this residency program at University of Utah, which was a year-long program that included working with patients for 30 hours a week with another 10-30 hours per week involved in didactics, weekly mentorship, specialty observations in niches of Orthopaedic care, clinic observations with Orthopaedic and physical medicine and rehab (PM&R) MDs, and assistant teaching in the Doctoral Physical Therapy program.

Sitting for the Orthopaedics Specialist certification examination in Spring was the culmination of a year of intense focus, dedication, long hours, and passion for her trade, and we are proud to announce that she passed with flying colors! Laura received notification of her passing this June, adding three more letters of accreditation to her name (OCS). With this test and board certification under her belt, Laura has officially joined Ellen here at Rakita Tomsic as the second specialized Physical Therapist at our clinic, and only the the third in Durango!

We are pleased not only to add to our diversity of training and specializations, but for this tremendous (and well-deserved) accomplishment for our talented co-worker and peer. Congratulations, Laura!