12 Hours of Mesa Verde-In Spite of the Weather!

By: Laura Wenger, PT, DPT

Our Rakita Tomsic team was well-represented at the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde team race on May 9th. Our team included one of our rehab techs John, Ellen, and even Dave Rakita, who made an appearance out of retirement. Keep in mind this is despite the fact that the race only lasted about two hours due to inclement weather conditions! With the mud flowing and snow flying, Dave was the only one who managed to get a full lap in at the race before it was cancelled due to the weather and increasingly poor trail conditions. Poor Dave’s bike took the brunt of the ride with quite a bit of mud caked in by the end of the lap.

Unfortunately, this was just not the year for this bike race, with the wet spring that we have been experiencing! Hopefully the weather will hold out next year for this fun team race so that the Rakita Tomsic Physical Therapy team can fully participate. Until next year, 12 Hours of Mesa Verde!

12 Hours Mesa Verde 12 Hours Mesa Verde 12 Hours Mesa Verde