In-House News: Dave’s Retirement

Dr. David Rakita - Doctor of Physical Therapy in Durango CO at Tomsic Physical Therapy
With the end of 2014 comes the end of an era for physical therapy in Durango. Dave Rakita, PT, OCS, Cert. MDT, is retiring as of January 1st, 2015. As Durango’s longest practicing Physical Therapist, we are all going to miss him and his wealth of experience here at Tomsic Physical Therapy. His contributions to the Physical Therapy profession and to the Durango community have had a positive impact on many.

To prepare for his upcoming retirement, we had a Q&A session to get his thoughts on retiring from this great profession.

How long have you been a PT in Durango?
42 years, since December of 1972.

What have you enjoyed the most about working with the Durango community?
The accessibility and friendliness of the medical and physical therapy providers in town. Also, the active outdoor Durango lifestyle has been enjoyable, as well as the patients that come along with that.

What will you miss most about your daily work as a physical therapist?
The contact with patients to help them solve their problems and treat their injuries as well as the intellectual challenges in determining the best course of physical therapy treatment for each patient.

What do you plan to do to fill up all of your “free time” after you retire?
Home projects, triathlons, travel, hike the Colorado trail in segments, volunteer more in the community, and organize a triathlon at Lake Nighthorse if we can get access.

Is there anything else that you would like to share as parting words before you retire?
I feel very fortunate to have been able to partner with Ellen Tomsic for these past 10 years. She has added countless dimensions to the practice that I could not. She will continue to successfully guide the practice in the coming years to provide the best possible care. Working together has been a most fulfilling experience.

I have enjoyed the academic and professional growth of the physical therapy profession during my years of practice, as our profession has become more autonomous. It has been encouraging to see specific research becoming more prevalent, and providing objective data to health care providers and the general public demonstrating the value of physical therapy.

We all wish Dave the best as he embarks on new adventures as a retiree, and we look forward to seeing him in and around the community as he continues to enjoy all that Durango and the nearby mountains have to offer. Good luck in retirement, Dave!