Need Physical Therapy? Don’t Delay!

It’s a beautiful fall day and you’re out on an awesome bike ride. Suddenly, there is this big rock and it messes with you. You find yourself on the ground, and now your shoulder hurts. Or perhaps you are on a hike or a trial run, and that same rock shows up and you roll your ankle. These are the harsh realities we face in Durango! 🙂

In the world of Sports Medicine, we want to get you back to your activity as fast as possible. Did you know that you can come directly to physical therapy without needing to see a physician? We can evaluate your injury immediately and get you started on a rehabilitation program right away.

If we feel therapy is not appropriate for you at this time, or that you require further testing, such as x-rays, before starting therapy, we will assist you with getting to the right place to meet your needs.

Don’t delay your recovery by waiting to get started. Call the Board Certified Specialists at Tomsic Physical Therapy, we’ll help you get back on track and back to the trails that we in the Four Corners love.