Returning to school after all these years

Dr. Ellen Tomsic - Doctor of Physical Therapy in Durango CO at Tomsic Physical Therapy

I have decided after 23 years of clinical practice to return to school. As with all professions, they evolve and sometimes attending weekend continuing education is not enough to keep up. The goal of the physical therapy profession is autonomous practice by 2020. What that means is all patients, regardless of insurance, can walk into a physical therapy office for treatment without needing to see their physician for a referral. Given that, a physical therapist needs skills in pharmacology, radiology, and differential diagnosis.

When Dave went to school he received a Bachelor’s degree in physical therapy. When I went to school I received a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. The therapists graduating now are receiving a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, in preparation for our changing profession.

Dr. Ellen Tomsic - Doctor of Physical Therapy in Durango CO at Tomsic Physical Therapy
So… Here I am, back in grad school to get my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.

School has changed quite a bit since I was last enrolled. ‘Distance learning’ is the key for us ‘busy professionals’. What that means is that you get all your assignments and do all your work over the internet, either really early in the morning before you come to the office, or in the evening after the work day is over. And if you are not technologically savvy, you better hope you have a spouse or good friend who is.

I am two weeks into this endeavor. So far I really like what I am learning and am not too far behind!  It will last one year and I finish at the same time my husband (a tax accountant) finishes his 2014 tax season. I think it’s time to start planning a really great vacation!